History and Timeline
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November 2005
compressed air copper line installation
April 24, 2005 -
May 30, 2005
workbenches and cabinets
March 26, 2005 -
April 23, 2005
sheetrock and shoplights
November 28 2004 -
March 26, 2005
heat pump, painting, insulating ceiling
October 28 2004 -
November 28, 2004
wiring, interior walls and wall insulation
October 9 - 12, 2004
Leyland Cypress tree planting
September 8 - 25, 2004
electrical service
July 2 2004 -
September 18, 2004
concrete pad, doors, gutters and drainage
June 28 - 29 2004
roofing and vinyl siding
June 22 - 25 2004
framing of walls and roof
June 14 -17 2004
foundation wall goes up in spite of the mud.
June 7 2004
GROUND BREAKING! They marked the site yesterday, and the footings were dug, poured, and inspected today. Gotta wait a week for the footings to dry, then the foundation goes up.
November 23, 2003
New grass is here! This spring and summer had been VERY rainy, and my grass seed loved it. The new grass needed mowing ALREADY! The ground is still very soft, and the grass has a very fine texture, but it is long enough to require mowing. Note the obscene amount of leaves piled in the driveway The trees are stately and the shade is wonderful, but leaf season sucks!
October 4, 2003
The grading guys returned with a tractor and a yard tool to finalize the grading and prep for seed. Dad and I spread seed and straw.
September 19, 2003
The lighting this day was just begging me to take pictures. Imagine melodic, angelic voices while you look at these... No finish work has been done in these shots. Heavy rains forced the grading to end a little prematurely (is that "premature evacuation"?;-) ). They did have time to lay a load of "crush-and-run" gravel down before the rains came. (And It's STILL a little soggy when it rains, but one day there will be real gravel on top of this.)
September 17, 2003
I couldn't believe they brought this monster in for MY little job. This thing literally shook the house just rolling around. It didn't even breathe heavy while pushing 30" stumps out of the ground. No torque problems here! As anticipated, my old underground power line got ripped out of the ground in the process(see below step).
September 17, 2003
My existing underground power lines ran very close to two large tree stumps that were to be uprooted during the grading phase. These guys cut about 30 feet of my existing line out and spliced in a new section in a more suitable location. They barely had enough time to get the work done before the grading boys showed up (next section). Oddly, when I called the power company to arrange this work, they acted like they had never had to do something like this. To say that numerous phone calls were required is a an understatement.
August 19, 2003
Here's another cool machine, the hydraulic stump grinder. Grinds'em down to about 12-15" below the ground. Throws stuff everywhere too.
July 17, 2003
These trees were too close to the house for us amateurs to deal with, so I hired this out. This kind of work isn't cheap, but I have to say, these guys make it look easy. I enjoyed watching them climb up and top these suckers.
I have never seen more CAUTION type warning signs on a machine than on their chipper/shredder. this thing must really like arms, shirt sleeves, long hair etc!
April 9, 2003
We've been clearing trees for months at this point. I'm tired of hauling brush! I counted about 35 trees we've cut and hauled, not counting anything under a few inches in diameter. We amateurs probably shouldn't have been messing with some of these, but we survived.

Grading/Clearing, Before & After Pictures

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