Sunday 04/09/03

This month's "I'm Workin' On It" will be a little different. As we mentioned in our last update, plans are underway to build a garage for our automotive endeavors. Many of our Sixty5Short projects are on hold until this garage is built, so what I'm workin' on is (temporarily) more about the garage than it is about Project Sixty5Short. So here's an update, expect more of these in the future.

The garage is a long way off- right now we are still in the initial stages of clearing the land. That means cutting trees. Lots of trees. We've cut around 30 trees so far, and last month we called in the pros to get the remaining trees down. After hearing the estimate was $2500, PLUS the cost of stump grinding, we decided to keep cutting trees ourselves. (After all, $2500 is enough for a new crate 350, with some left over for go-fast goodies!)

We knocked out 5 good size trees (60 feet high or so). Great timing, too- the ice storm that raged through here last week has prompted our small town to offer a one-time curbside pickup of limbs and trees. Time to jump on that offer!

I now have a stack of limbs and branches about
40' long by 4' wide by 3' high out by the road.

A chainsaw will kick your ass when used as directed, and tonight I'm feeling it. A lot of work was done this weekend. I wish I was spending all this time working on my Chevy. But sweating out in the yard this weekend, I felt as though I was working on it. With every branch I picked up, I imagined the sound of a newly installed, cammed-up small block starting for the first time.

Now, as Sunday draws to an end, a new path exists where before there were only obstacles. As the tools of the weekend are stowed away in preparation for another 5 days at the office, I catch myself pausing at the fence to gaze upon the new space.

One day...

BIG BIG thanks go out to Dad and my man Greg for all their help this weekend.