(Keep in mind that if I actually listed everything that needs to be done,
this website -er, magazine- would be 50 pages long. I'll just list the basics here)

Gas Tank: Remove stock tank, mount new tank (a NoLimit tank perhaps?) underneath bed. Remove gas filler neck on cab and create filler in rear quarter.

Tailgate: Replace chains with cables and latch system.

Air Conditioning: Anybody got recommendations on a good setup?

Bed: replace wood with plate steel (stained boards and chrome strips are pretty, but I don't want a truck that is afraid to get it's hands dirty)

Interior: Late model charcoal gray split bench. Lots of soundproofing. Leaning towards leaving dash stock.

Motor: Crate 350, stock bottom end, mild cam, vortec heads/intake 4BBL, HEI, 2.5" vette exhaust manifolds, 2.5" pipe all the way back, turned out at corners.

Tranny: TH400 or possibly electronic overdrive

Paint: Either burgundy with white top, black with white top, or solid cream color. interior color undecided

Wheels: Not sure yet- bouncing between Cragar S/S, chrome Rallys with no trim rings and disc brake centers, or maybe chrome reverse with baby moon centers. Same size on all corners. White letter tires no matter what. 16" is the biggest wheel I'm going anywhere near.