June 16, 2005

Here's how she looks in her new home. I hired a rollback to get her here.
The rear wheels are locked up so I had to pull it into the shop on the floor jack. These pictures were taken before I did ANYTHING to the car.

It's a plain jane, no real options to brag about(except ACC "F". What is that on a Baltimore, Maryland car? That's the only option it's got.) The 283 is not the original motor, but it is a 1963 283. Originally this was a 327 car. The powerglide is original as far as I know.

I've wanted one of these since I was 14. I know to a lot of folks this wouldn't look like much, but I grin every time I open the door and see it sitting there!

DSC03271 DSC03272 DSC03275 DSC03278
DSC03281 DSC03284 DSC03298  

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