June 13, 2005

I had a lead on 2 parts cars from a work buddy of mine. He said his dad had A '63 Chevy wagon and a '64 Impala 2 door that he would give me if I wanted them. Well, my dad and I went to go see the cars. I knew they'd probably be rough, but I had my hopes that we'd find something special.

We drove to the next county over, met the owner (super nice guy) and drove out to the property the cars were on. We hiked through the fields a bit before we reached the cars (shown at right).

The cars really were parts cars, you'd have to be desperate to put these two back together(click picture above for more pics of the parts cars). We were getting ready to head back home empty-handed when dad throws out, "you don't have anything else laying around you want to sell, do you?" The man grinned.

We followed him back to his house. There was a all-original '63 2 door Impala in the carport. He bought it new in '62. Neat, but that one wasn't for sale. He took us up to the barn and showed us another '63.

The picture at left shows where the car was. We opened the door to the barn, shooed off a snake, and had our first look. It was dark in the barn, and a little cramped for room, so looking the car over completely was not really possible. We borrowed a flashlight and did what we could to check things out. The floorboards had been patched. Bondo in the lower fenders and door corners. Trunk not rusted away. The bumpers, back seat, the windshield, the back glass and almost all the trim were gone. The trunklid was banged up, but the motor looked fairly complete, the dash looked pretty good and he said he had a title.

This is not one of those stories where I find a rustfree, numbers matching, one-of-a-kind car with a criminally low price. But it was a good price, and for the most part this car is a pretty solid rebuilder. It is disassembled, but it's not molested like a lot of cars you see. The car had been sitting here in pieces since 1983 or 1984. I got a lot of the pieces with the deal.