December 2005 "STATE OF THE PROJECT"

Currently there are two motionless vehicles in my two car shop. My immediate goal is to get one moving under its own power. That way I can use the shop for other vehicles when I need to(daily drivers, Dad's Studebaker etc). Up until now, I had been focusing on putting the '60 back together, because it was already painted and was really an assembly project. The suspension and brakes had already been rebuilt, and I already had a 350 and a 4 speed for it. Since it had already been painted a custom color by the time I got it, I really wasn't concerned with keeping it original, although if it had been my choice, I would have painted it the car's original color, Tuxedo Black.

Now for some unknown reason, whoever painted the car did not paint the fenders, the hood or the trunk. The paint on the body is a base/clear metallic pearl utilizing multiple base coats. Dad persuaded a friend of his who is in the paint/body business to stop by and have a look at the car. He says that whoever painted the car should have painted everything at once and that the whole car would need to be shot again to really make the panels match correctly. I suppose I could try to blend the panels in, but there numerous variables that would make this very difficult, even for a professional painter (which I am NOT!). Even if I tried to blend the fenders into the doors, and the quarters into the trunk, I'd end up repainting most of the car anyway, might as well repaint the whole thing and do it right. The only panel I wouldn't have to blend, the roof, has 80 grit scratches showing through the base coat anyway.

Now, as I said before- I would have painted the car its original black color had the choice been mine. Well, guess what. The choice just became mine now that a repaint had been decided upon. To change the color to black means I'll also have to repaint the dashboard, door jambs, interior trim, etc, but that's OK. I've decided to put this car back as close to original as I can. This car was originally black with red/white interior.

Because the '60 is now more than just an assembly project, I've decided to redirect my efforts towards my '63 Impala instead. I think I can get it up and running a little quicker than I could the '60. The 350 and 4-speed I had previously planned to put in the '60, will go into the '63 instead. The '60 will one day receive a 348, if I can find one that won't break the bank.